Data Recovery From SSDs

We recover all types of solid state drives including SATA SSDs, Mac book SSDs M.2 SSDs and PCI-E SSDs.

Unlike hard drives, Solid State Drives store data in multiple flash memory (NAND) chips and have no moving parts. This eliminates data loss due to mechanical failure. However, SSDs can still suffer from data loss just like a hard drive

We have years of experience specialising in recovering lost data from damaged SSDs. From all the major manufacturers; Samsung, SanDisk, Intel, Crucial, Corsair, Kingston, Toshiba, Seagate and OCZ.
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2 main categories of data loss in SSDs

Data loss on SSDs can happen for a number of reasons. When it comes to data recovery we break down the data loss into 2 main categories:

Software Failure

Logical recovery is required when the SSD suffers from data loss such as data corruption, viruses, malicious software (Malware), deleted files and re-formatting. This requires advanced software to repair the logical failure on the drive so the data can be recovered.

Hardware failure

The second type of failure is firmware & electronic failure. This can be caused by a number of factors: the microchips wearing out over time causing multiple read errors, corrupted firmware, power surges or physical damage to the drive.

Firmware and electronic failure in SSDs is less common but more severe, requiring advanced hardware and software tools to repair the drive before accessing the data. The electronic circuitry and firmware that controls the drive must be repaired so that we can bring the drive back to a state where data recovery is possible.

SSD disassembled for data recovery

Advanced technology in SSD data recovery

In mid 2013 not much was known about techniques on recovering data from SSDs. Previous recovery techniques were much more complex and in most cases only partial data recovery was possible from SSDs.

New recovery techniques that have been developed now allow us to recover SSDs with very high success rates. Previous data recovery techniques required that memory chips to be physically removed from the SSD for data recovery to be possible. Advanced techniques and new hardware tools now allow us to bypass many technical issues and failures so that we can gain direct access to the data chips without physically removing them. This allows for a much higher data recovery success rate and faster recovery.

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