Hard Drive Data Recovery

Day1 Data provides professional hard drive data recovery for hard drives of all sizes, makes and models. Our data recovery technicians perform successful hard drive data recovery every day. We like to be ahead of the competition by always dedicating countless hours and research into our data recovery techniques.

Attempting hard drive data recovery without an experienced data recovery technician could result in permanent destruction of critical data. This is why we only recommend professional data recovery. Hard drives must be handled correctly to avoid any further data loss or irreversible damage that may be caused by inexperience or improper recovery techniques.

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Data recovery technician examining a hard drive with data loss

Free Pick-Up

We provide a free pickup service inside of Germany. Alternatively we can provide you with a free DHL send-in label for your hard drive.

Free Evaluation

Our expert data recovery evaluation of your hard drive is free of charge. We also have a No Data, No Cost policy so you only pay for successful data recovery.

Fixed prices

After we have evaluated your hard drive we will contact you with a fixed price all-inclusive data recovery quote. All our quotes have no hidden costs and are guaranteed to never increase.

Typical cases that we recover data from hard drives.

The fact that you cannot access your hard drive or your important data does not necessarily mean that your data is lost. We have a high success rate and years of experience in recovering data from hard drives in all types of data los situations.

a data recovery technician examining a hard drive under a microscope for data recovery

Here are just some of the situations where we perform successful hard drive data recovery everyday:

  • Deleted files
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Hard drive with Disk Boot Failure errors
  • Hard drive with S.M.A.R.T errors
  • Hard drive not detected
  • Hard drive not accessible
  • Hard drive making a ticking or knocking noise
  • USB device not recognised (external HDD)
  • USB device has malfunctioned (external HDD)
  • Re-installation of Windows
  • Ransomware
  • Encryption / Password Locked
  • Dropped hard drive
  • Hard drives with Bad Sectors / read errors
  • Hard drives with electronic failure
  • Physically damaged hard drives
  • Hard drives with fire / water damage
  • Previously failed recovery attempts
  • Internal failure of mechanical components

Insight to hard drive data recovery

Never assume that your data on your hard drive is lost forever. We have experienced data recovery technicians that solve cases every day where other companies do not succeed.

Clean room work

In the case of a more severe hard drive failure, our specialists need to repair the hard drive and make it stable first, before any data can be recovered from it. Therefore, hard drive data recovery involves replacing failed components such as read/write head assemblies, logic control components, or drive motors in our class 100 clean room environment.

Secure Imaged Copies

We perform all recovery operations on imaged copies of your data. This prevents further damage to the original media and ensures there is no modification to your original data. These same practices are used in our forensic data recovery.

Unrecoverable Cases

At Day1 Data we often accept jobs that have previously been declared unrecoverable by other companies. This also includes drives that have had previous recovery attempts by a non-data recovery professional. If you have previously been told your data is not recoverable then please read our customer case studies.

Urgent hard drive recovery

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We understand If you need your critical data recovered as soon as possible, we also offer priority and emergency services. Our data recovery technicians are available 24/7.

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