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Day1 Data provides professional data recovery training worldwide. All our data recovery training courses are conducted in Augsburg, Germany. Our data recovery training is open to all skill levels and ages, not matter if you’re getting into data recovery or already an expert. All training is held in our own data recovery lab so that you can see real life scenario cases where data recovery is performed. We provide the only data recovery course in the world where data recovery training is held in a professional data recovery lab.

All our data recovery courses are taught by our own data recovery technicians. Our technicians have years of experience in the field of data recovery. The training we provide is not a data recovery seminar where you sit and watch a power point for hours. There will be a lot of interaction between students and the instructor. Also plenty of practical hands on experience where you will be performing the tasks and data recovery yourself.

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Data recovery training
Data recovery training from Day1 Data

Understanding how the data loss occurred in the first place will lead you on the right path to successful data recovery.

Luke Grudnoff, Owner, Day1 Data

Training Topics

Data recovery training for Beginners:

Data recovery is a somewhat secret profession where very little if any information is shared publicly. Throughout our data recovery training you will be taught a lot of trade secret information that cannot be found anywhere else. Our training courses have been written based on years of research and experience. Most data recovery courses teach you each component of data recovery, but not the entire process from start to finish. We will teach you from the moment you receive a drive for recovery right until data recovery completion.

Data recovery training for experts:

If you want to extend your data recovery knowledge or learn a specific topic in depth, then our training is for you. Data recovery is always advancing in every area, therefore there is always something new to learn in data recovery. Even our data recovery technicians attend international courses every year so we can ensure you are being taught the latest and most advanced data recovery techniques. Every data recovery expert we have trained in the past, has specific areas where they would like to build up their data recovery knowledge. We tailor our courses for you. If you are already an expert in the data recovery field, contact us so we can ensure that you will get the advanced training you need.

All our courses are in English. Upon completion of each of our data recovery courses you will receive a certificate of completion showing the topics and training that was covered by each course.

Disassembled laptop hard drive

Who our data recovery training is for

Our courses are specifically developed for:

  • I.T. technicians looking to get into the data recovery field
  • Anyone planning or starting out a data recovery business
  • Current data recovery technicians wanting to expand their knowledge
  • People with a data recovery interest that enjoy it as a hobby
  • Companies that want to provide data recovery in house
  • Individuals wanting to work for a data recovery company in future

Course Plan

If you have any questions about our training program or wish to enroll, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you as soon possible.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at or call us on +49 821 444 161 88.

2 Day introduction to hard drive data recovery

8th May, 2017

Introductory hard drive training:

  • Practical disassembly of hard drives
  • The process of professional hard drive data recovery
  • How hard drive brands differ in regards to data recovery
  • Common cases where hard drive data recovery is needed
  • An understanding of how hard drive firmware works
  • Recovering data from a damaged hard drive with bad heads and read errors
  • An understanding of how hard drive firmware works
  • Understanding hard drive electronics
  • Reading a hard drive ROM’s and ROM reconstruction
  • Replacing a hard drive circuit board
  • De-soldering and re-soldering microchips for hard drive data recovery

  • This is a basic overview of our introduction to hard drive data recovery. However, this is not a complete list of all topics and practical training that will be covered. All our courses are based on the pace on which you want to learn. If time permits, we will cover some topics more in depth. Here are the professional data recovery tools that will be used during the training course:

  • PC3000 Express (ACE Laboratory)
  • Deep Spar 4 (DeepSpar Data Recovery)
  • DFL-SRP (Dolphin Data Lab)
  • Hard drive head tools from (HDD Surgery & Dolphin Data Lab)
  • Computers with data recovery software and tools pre-installed
  • Handouts and notes to take away from the training
  • Tools for disassembly of hard drives
  • Advanced data recovery training from hard drives

    5th June, 2017

    Advanced hard drive data recovery training:

    We will be conducting advanced hard drive data recovery training in June 2017. This is a more advanced and in depth training. This training course will cover a lot of physical work in the clean room and deal with advanced firmware issues.

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    SSD and flash data recovery training

    Q2, 2017 TBA

    Flash and SSD data recovery training

    Coming Soon...

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