How much does data recovery cost?

To provide you with an accurate quote for your data recovery, we first have to evaluate your drive. In this process our technicians diagnose the cause of the data loss, the complexity of the damage, and the data recovery steps needed to successfully recover your data. This helps us to provide you with a detailed data recovery quote. Once the evaluation is completed, you will receive a fixed price quotation for your recovery.

If you accept our quote, we immediately start data recovery on your drive. Should you wish to not proceed with the recovery, we will return your drive. Please note that the costs for return shipping are to be paid by the customer.

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Day1 Data employee analysing hard drive in a class 100 clean room

Evaluation costs

We provide three different evaluation services. You choose an evaluation service to suit your needs depending on the urgency level of your recovery. Our detailed Evaluation is then conducted by our data recovery technicians in our lab. Upon completion of the evaluation we will provide you with a quote for the recovery of your data.

Please note, in rare cases where data recovery is not successful, the costs for prioritized evaluation cannot be refunded. This is due to the parts and labour already invested in the data recovery.

Standard Service

Your drive will be next in line to be evaluated by our technicians.

  • Diagnosis in 2 – 3 Days
  • Conducted during regular working hours
  • Free

Prioritised service

We begin our evaluation on your drive as soon as it is received. Your recovery will be treated as urgent.

  • Diagnosis in 1 – 2 Days
  • Conducted during regular working hours
  • 89,00 €

Emergency Service

We immediately start evaluating your drive. A technician is assigned to your recovery until it is completed.

  • Diagnosis in 1 – 12 Hours
  • Afterhours and on weekends
  • 149,00 €

Data Recovery Prices

Once your drive has been evaluated, we can provide you with a fixed price for the recovery of your data.

Hard DrivesInternal & external

  • from 249,00 €
  • from 499,00 €

Flash DrivesUSB Sticks & Memory Cards

  • from 99,00 €
  • from 349,00 €


  • from 549,00 €
  • from 799,00 €

SSDsSATA, M.2, PCI-E, Apple Mac

  • from 249,00 €
  • from 499,00 €

Price is per individual drive, excluding RAID.
Extra fees apply to drives that have been previously opened or encrypted. All prices include VAT 19%.